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R.I.P. Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Is The H.N.I.C. A Classic Album? #DailyHeatChecc

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep EVERY 'H.N.I.C." Original Samples #DailyHeatChecc

  1. “Firth of Fifth” by Genesis
    • From the album Selling England (1973)
    • Sampled in “Genesis”
    • Produced by Prodigy

  1. “Vittroni’s Theme – King Is Dead” by Roy Ayers
    • From the album Coffy Soundtrack (1973)
    • Sampled in “What U Rep”
    • Produced by Hangmen 3
  2. “Music People” by Jack Mayborn
    • From the album ???
    • Sampled in “Keep It Thoro”
    • Produced by Alchemist
  3. “Rhapsody In White” by Love Unlimited Orchestra
    • From the album Rhapsody in White (1974)
    • Sampled in “Can’t Complain”
    • Produced by Prodigy
  4. “Criminal Minded” by Boogie Down Productions
    • From the album Criminal Minded (1987)
    • Interpolated in “Infamous Minded”
    • Produced by Robert Kirkland
  5. “Por Amor” by Marco Antonio Muniz
    • From the album Grandes Exitos de Marco Antonio Muniz (1983)
    • Sampled in “Three”
    • Produced by Alchemist
  6. “Abrahams Theme” by Vangelis
    • From the album Chariots of Fire (1981)
    • Sampled in “Dealt with the Bullshit”
    • Produced by Havoc
  7. “To the Establishment” by Lou Bond
    • From the album Lou Bond (1974)
    • Sampled in “Trials of Love”
    • Produced by Alchemist
  8. “Belle De Jour” by Saint Tropez
    • From the album Belle De Jour (1978)
    • Sampled in “H.N.I.C.”
    • Produced by Ez Elpee
  9. “Yo Tengo Un Amigo” by Lucesita
    • From the album ¡Creceremos! (1982)
    • Sampled in “Verteran’s Memorial”
    • Produced by Alchemist
  10. “One Love” by Whodini
    • From the album Back In Black (1986)
    • Sampled in “Y.B.E.”
    • Produced by Nashiem Myrick, Prodigy & Stephen Dorsain
  11. “Cause We Have Ended as Lovers” by Syreeta
    • From the album Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta (1974)
    • Sampled in “Diamonds”
    • Produced by Just Blaze
  12. “Tiger Theme” by Clay Pitts Orchestra *
    • From the album Female Animal Original Soundtrack (1970)
    • Sampled in “Gun Play”
    • Produced by Rockwilder
  13. “Gotta Make It Up To You” by Angela Bofill
    • From the album Teaser (1983)
    • Sampled in “You Can Never Feel My Pain”
    • Produced by Ric Rude
    • #DailyHeatChecc

Ro Hendrix (6lack - Luving U) Electric Guitar Cover

Ro Hendrix 



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• Listen To : Ro Hendrix – Over


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