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"New Mario Drones Feat Nick Pratt - Stop Me"

With Black Watermelon approaching soon, Pittsburgh's Mario Dones hits us with another leak from his debut album.

"Whether it be rappers, producers, dj's, media...there's so many people in this game right now. Sometimes it's hard to tell who's with you and who's against you. This is me planting my flag and standing my ground. Fuck the odds. We're gonna keep the music coming non-stop. We're gonna keep doing us."

"Stop Me" features frequent collaborator Nick Pratt and production from Premise of Straight-N-Narrow Records. Dones' debut album, Black Watermelon, arrives Novemeber 5.

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"New Sincere - Jealousy Telepathy"

Sincere comes to you live with his exclusive new single "Jealousy Telepathy" 

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"New @RRoseRRome - My Girl"

RROSE ROME "My Girl" Produced By M-Phazes

New York, NY(October 3,2013) -- Stories of "Love And Hip Hop" best describe RRome's new radio friendly joint, "My Girl". BK's next on deck explicitly explains his imaginary relationships with our favorite R&B chicks in the game(Kelly Rowland, Tahiry,Rihanna and Amber Rose just to name a few). Perfect segway to his mixtape entitled "Take This Serious" hosted by Dj Absolut. The nod factor has been brought to you by Australian behind the boards expert M-Phazes.

Follow on Twitter @RRoseRRome

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"New Pusha T - M.N.I.M.N. (iTunes)"

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"New Danny Brown - Old (iTunes)"

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"New Piffery Goodz - 1969.Live (Evil) #Blasphemy3 Preview"

Piffery Goodz leads off the forth quarter with his newest instrumental in two over two months to get his supporters ready for his third installation of his instrumental mix tapes #Blasphemy3 Download Here

#DailyHeatChecc Exclusive