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Saturday, September 30, 2017

DHC Podcast Ep: 2 (Pitino Fired, Nike NCAA Feds Investigation, Russell W...

DailyHeatChecc Smokecast PODCAST Episode: 2 (Rick Pitino Fired, NCAA Nike Investigation, NBA Draft, Russell Westbrook Extention)


0:00 Pitino Fired 
7:00 Nike NCAA Fed Investigation
11:00 Should They Pay Student Athletes
29:00 Draft Lottery Change & Resting Players
37:00 Dark Horse NBA Team

Hey Guys ,

Thansk for watchin the live stream of the Smokecast Podcast
In this episode we discuss


Rick Pitino Fired
Nike Feds Investigation
NCAA Draft
Should You Pay The Students?


Pre Season Predictions
D Wade Cavs 
Russel Westbrook Extenstion
Kyrie Irving Really A Allstar?

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